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Real Estate School & Exam Prep

Now offering best-in-class ONLINE pre-licensing education & exam prep scholarships – all expenses paid when you enroll.

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This online real estate school was created as a no-cost option because kw encourages individuals to pursue a limitless career journey in real estate by funding their pre-licensing courses.
Whether you join kw or not.

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How to Become a Real Estate Agent

To earn your real estate license, the steps are easy as 1-2-3:

1) Enroll in KSCORE to access no-cost online classes
2) Finish your courses, exam prep, and practice quizzes all on-demand or online
3) Take your state’s real estate license exam

Depending on your state, the educational requirements can vary. The great news is KSCORE has all the requirements built in so no matter which state you wish to become licensed in, it’s just as easy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

But is this really FREE ????

Yes – 100% no cost to you. Keller Williams encourages people like you to pursue a career in real estate by funding their pre-licensing courses; all whether you join kw or not! There is no pressure, no strings attached, no extra hoops to jump through. Just education. This is the kw culture.

What is KSCORE ?

Keller Successful Career Opportunities in Real Estate (KSCORE) is 100% digital and entirely free to students. An industry first of its kind, Keller Williams is offering access to the state-approved education courses; making pre-licensing more accessible than ever by providing a clear, self-paced path to obtaining a real estate license.

What is KW Prep?

KW Prep helps aspiring agents to jump start their business in the right direction. The curriculum is loaded with levels providing confidence to real estate agents enabling them to propel further into their industry. This is separate from the education courses and practice quizzes; completely optional yet very foundational to get the best running start.

How long will it take to complete my pre-licensing requirements?

While each state has a varying set of requirements, this program will include them all – giving you six months to complete the courses and final exams for your state.

How will the program be delivered?

The pre-licensing education is delivered by our state-approved education provider. Their platform offers distinct education-delivery formats, including home study, online, and live online courses, along with flexible schedules and a wide selection of state-approved courses and packages.

What are my steps to get licensed?

> Take the required real estate courses
> Complete background check
> Submit a real estate license application
> Pass the real estate salesperson exam
> Select your real estate broker

What is the cost?

KSCORE covers the expenses so that the coursework and in-class exams are at no cost to you. The only expense you should have is from your state exam licensing facility when you are ready to take the licensing exam.

What is my commitment to Keller Williams?

Your enrollment does not require a commitment. Our goal is to remove the financial barrier so people like you may enter the real estate industry and make a career in real estate more achievable than ever before.

How can I get started?

Each student is sponsored by a local brokerage or market center. To get started, fill our the enrollment form above. You will be contacted for next steps.

Keller Successful Career Opportunities in Real Estate (KSCORE), Real Estate School & Exam Prep, and Keller Williams Realty, Inc. (collectively, “KW”) does not offer pre-licensing (PL) and continuing education (CE) courses in any state; Kaplan Real Estate Education is the state-approved education provider and developer of pre-licensing and continuing education courses. KW encourages individuals to pursue a career in real estate by funding their pre-licensing courses. Scholarships may vary depending on location.