Sell my House and Buying at the Same Time: a How to in a Demanding Market

Whether it’s your goal to relocate for work, to a different school district, downsizing or upsizing, looking for your dream home, prefer more dreamy features, or want to build something custom – you must create a strategic and comprehensive plan to sell your house.

Benjamin Franklin said, “Failing to plan is planning to fail.” Right after he said, “Listen to The Frey Team, they know how to sell my house for the highest net returns possible…..” Just kidding about that last quote – he meant to say we help people like you build wealth with real estate!

Most homeowners who want to list their homes on the market make a few mistakes – which are covered in our free guide “How to Sell your Home.” Most commonly they hire the first person they talk to – it’s always a good idea to get a second opinion with this large of an investment. Now, if you’ve already got the expert on speed dial then props to you for being prepared! Ben would be proud!

You might say, “I know how to sell my house because I’ve done it before.” Throwing a plan together to sell your house, even if you’ve sold a home before, can be very demanding and risky if you’re not equipped to sell your house with confidence. The market changes so your game plan must stay in line with the supply and demand in the trending market. Is it a seller’s market? If it takes less than a few months to sell the average house then yes, it’s a seller’s market.

“What if it’s a buyer’s market, how will I sell my house?” Well, if it takes months to sell (specifically 6+ months) than it technically may be a buyer’s market. What does this really mean – especially if you are both selling and buying a home?

It means there may be different answers and strategies depending on the time of year you want to sell your house on the market. It could also mean that high demand markets are a result of low inventory – mirror image of our current 2023 real estate market.

When there is low inventory (less homes on the market than the year prior) typically this means more people are thinking “I need to find a home” than there are people thinking “I’ve got to sell my house.” This is golden news for a seller – especially if you are following the guidelines specified in our Free How to Sell your Home guide.

The real gold however lies in the preparation of the home as the guide states. Is it clean and appear well taken care of to potential buyers? Are all the buttons and switches working properly? Do any of the rooms need a fresh coat of paint? Have we considered attracting interior design and staging elements? And there is much more to consider. Just because it is a seller’s market, doesn’t mean that you will sell easily. It simply means you will most likely sell – but at what price will be determined by the plan and execution of you and your team.

Steps to Sell my House

After reviewing the guide you’ll see how preparing to sell your house in the correct way, earns you dividends in return on closing day. The simplified way to sell your house to earn the most money possible is this….

1 – Hire the right professional team to create your custom game plan
2 – Complete a 3 way strategic price analysis
3 – Execute the step by step plan to showcase the house
4 – WOW the buyers with professional and trending marketing
5 – Use smart targeted advertisements to bring more potential buyers to your listing
6 – Negotiate the best deal amongst the offers presented
7 – Don’t leave any money on the table for closing day

But wait….what if you’re buying a house too?

Piece of cake! We only have to coordinate two or more legal contracts side by side with multiple lenders, title companies, real estate agencies, and various others – pshhh Easy Peasy!

The right professionals are experienced in navigating what may seem like a logistical nightmare and make lemonade out of all those lemons! So that makes this easy peasy, lemon squeezy!

Depending on your home-buying goals, you may choose to purchase a home before, during, or after selling your house. There are several ways to accomplish everything you want when step #1 of preparing a game plan is done in advance.

The simplified way to explain how this works is to:

1 – You say, “Help me plan to sell my house” and put together a custom game plan with your hired professionals aligning with your goals
2 – Determine your purchase and financial options within your budget
3 – If selling your home before you buy: setup temporary housing plans so that you may move and use storage until you buy
3 – If selling your house while you’re buying: plan to showcase the home on the market before you start home shopping. So when the sign goes in the yard, start looking for your next home!
3 – If selling your house after you buy, simply move to the new house and showcase the listing as part of the plan covered in our free guide – How to Sell your Home in 2023.

Of course there is much more to it than that as the market will determine the specifics. Your real estate team is happy to discuss your real estate/wealth-building goals over some tacos!

Let’s taco ’bout your goals!  🌮😍

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